Basic Terms & Conditions

Imex Freight International (Pty) Ltd strive to at all times adhere to all Customs Requirements including Laws and Regulations put in place in respect of Consignments being Imported into the Republic of South Africa and Consignments being Exported from South Africa.

Quotations are based on information provided and are for Transportation and Clearing Only unless otherwise stipulated whereby Duties and Taxes can be paid to Imex Freight International (Pty) Ltd who will in return make payments for Duties and Taxes on your behalf.

All weights and dimensions are to be provided in Metric system (CM and KG) and monetary values to be indicated in ZAR (Rand Value)

Duties and Taxes Quotations are based on factors such as the exchange rate at the time of a quotation being done and may fluctuate up or down slightly.


Expected delivery date is based on service level chosen, however delays at customs may occur which is out of our control and therefore Imex Freight International (Pty) Ltd does not take financial responsibility but will at all times endeavor to ensure delays are avoided whenever possible.

Due to the complexities of Imports and Exports the Terms and Conditions need to be requested depending on what the commodity is being Imported or Exported.

1. Scope of Services:
1.1 Imex Freight International (Pty) Ltd ("the Company") agrees to provide international logistics services to the client as outlined in the agreed-upon contract or service agreement.

2. Shipments:
2.1 The client agrees to provide accurate and complete information for each shipment, including but not limited to the description of goods, weight, dimensions, and any applicable customs documentation - Some Countries could have their own regulations in place which needs to be adhered to strictly to avoid any issues at Customs or at any Border points.
2.2 The Company is not liable for delays, damages, or losses resulting from inaccurate or incomplete shipment information provided by the client nor any unforeseen delays which may occur at Customs.
2.3 The sender and Receiver is legally obligated to declare the contents of each consignment truthfully as required by Law and to ensure a accurate Value to be declared for its contents.
2.4 Any contents classified as hazardous must be declared upon requesting a quotation.
2.5 Imex Freight International (Pty) Ltd will not knowingly transport anything deemed under RSA Law as illegal nor to or from any country whereby it is deemed to be illegal. It is adviseable to provide a concise packing list and Commercial Invoice should any item/s possibly be classified as prohibited or illegal. Should any consignment contain illegal substances then Imex Freight International (Pty) Ltd will alert the relevant authorities.

3. Freight Charges:
3.1 Freight charges are based on a case by case basis due to fluctuations in Currencies and taking into account various factors such as transportation, customs clearance and other related fees.
3.2 The client is responsible for all additional charges incurred due to changes in shipment details or unexpected circumstances.
3.3 Unless Duties and Taxes is to be quoted, the sender and receiver is liable for Duties and Taxes payable.
3.4 Quotations are based on using the Metric System (Dimensions: Centimeters and Weight in Kilograms or Grams)

4. Customs Clearance:
4.1 The client is responsible for providing accurate and complete customs documentation. Any documentation that may be required will be liased to the Sender or Receiver to avoid any delays.
4.2 The Company may assist with customs clearance, but is not liable for delays, seizures, or additional charges imposed by customs authorities.

5. Insurance:
5.1 The client is responsible for obtaining insurance for their shipments unless otherwise specified in the contract.
5.2 The Company may offer insurance options, and if accepted by the client, the terms and conditions of the insurance policy will apply.

6. Liability:
6.1 The Company's liability for any loss, damage, or delay is limited to the terms and conditions of the international conventions and regulations applicable to the specific mode of transportation.
6.2 The client is encouraged to purchase additional insurance coverage to mitigate risks beyond the Company's liability.

7. Payment:
7.1 Payment to be made in full prior to commencement of Consignment being collected.
7.2 Account holders note that late payments may incur interest charges or result in the suspension of services and or relinquishes ownership of freight to Imex Freight International (Pty) Ltd to defray costs.

8. Force Majeure:
8.1 The Company is not liable for any failure or delay in performing its obligations due to circumstances beyond its control, including but not limited to acts of nature, government actions, or labor disputes.

9. Governing Law:
9.1 This agreement is governed by the laws of the Republic of South Africa.

10. Amendments:
10.1 Terms and Conditions may be amended without prior notice in accordance to the requirements of Imex Freight International (Pty) Ltd and the laws of the Republic of South Africa.

By engaging in our services, the client acknowledges and agrees to these terms and conditions.

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